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You have the idea, the dream, and know your product or service inside out, but unless you are a chartered accountant, chances are that you are not an expert on how to make your small business the most financially viable and profitable it can be. Consider that your budding dream has more potential than you can imagine—if you have the right advice!

Here a few ways a chartered accountant can help you take your small business and transform it into a viable, profitable enterprise, and allow it to fulfill its full potential.

They Can Save You Time

You started your business to offer a product or service, not to get buried in paperwork, and managing your small business’s financials can be an overwhelming task. Not only can a chartered accountant help you save time by dealing with your tedious financials, but they also have lots of tricks up their sleeves to help find the most efficient way to run your business. Also, they stay on top of current financial regulations and trends so that you don’t have to.

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They Can Save You Money

To some, hiring a chartered accountant to save you money might seem counterintuitive. Often, because of the cost, small business owners opt to work with only a bookkeeper or worse yet, manage their financials themselves, but consider that chartered accountants can actually save you money. Not only will they reduce your bill come tax time, but they will also comb through your small business’s financials to help you discover where you might be losing money or ways that you could be more financially efficient.

They Are Tax Experts, So You Don’t Need to Be

It might seem like taxes are pretty straightforward, but what you don’t know might be costing you money. Consider that there are ways to reduce costs that you might not even be aware of. Chartered accountants know the tax world inside and out and if there are savings to be had, they’ll know about it! In addition to understanding tax write offs, they will also help you navigate the system to avoid hefty tax penalties and fines.

They Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

Chartered accountants understand small businesses—they handle a lot of them. Because of this experience, they have an invaluable objective perspective. They’ve seen what worked and what didn’t for so many other businesses, that they are in a unique position to examine yours and flag pitfalls that you might be headed towards.

The bottom line is that if you want help improving your bottom line, a chartered accountant is the way to go because, they are more than accountants, they are small business advisors. If you have further questions or would like to see what a chartered accountant can do for your small business, contact us at The Newport Group, we’re here to help!