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Why Choose The Newport Group?

We all know as business owners how important choosing the right accountant really is. Not only do you want to find a firm that has your business’s best interest in mind but a group of people behind you who want to help you succeed and watch you grow.


….So why choose the Newport Group?

We are a forward looking accounting firm.

What does this mean? We want to be asking you questions like “Where do you see your company in 5 years?” “What is keeping you up at night?” Most accounting firms are backwards looking, meaning they provide you with your financial statements, typically going over your company’s historic past with no focus on how you can leverage aspects of your company to achieve optimal growth. While practicing a forward looking type of accounting, the Newport Group came up with a mission statement of “Moving Businesses Forward”.

We are more than just accounting, we are advisers.

Feeding off of being a forward looking accounting firm, the Newport Group wishes to be more than just your accountants. We want to use our pooled resources: bankers, lenders, lawyers, strategy coaches and other business contacts to assist you with your goals. We ultimately want to be your trusted board of advisers within tough business decisions and help restructure your business if need be.

Monthly accounting package.

The Newport Group created a monthly accounting package to give businesses financial freedom. The monthly package includes:

  • Monthly trend analysis for income statement & balance sheet

  • Updated year to date budgeted income statements

  • Monthly meetings to go over numbers, discuss issues, trends and variances

Businesses that review their performance on a monthly basis generally have much higher profits. Targets are set at the beginning of each year but business owners should know exactly where they stand in regards to their goals each month. This allows for better decision-making and issues are identified immediately for changes to be made quickly in order to have a positive impact on your business. Remember that business owners should be proactive instead of reactive.

Timely & accurate financial statements.

Lastly, the Newport Group strives on bringing you timely and accurate financial statements. Our firm specializes in notice to readers and review engagements within many different industries. With decades of experience the Newport Group can help meet your your personal & filing deadlines. Contact us today!